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no game 163 tomorrow for the baltimore orioles. >> they suffered a defeat against the tampa bay race. they could not keep the possibility of the tiebreaker game with the yankees alive for the division title but would not have mattered anyway because new york crushed boston. >> the post season ball is still in the future for the o's. kai spent the evening with passionate o's fans. we begin with pico -- pete gilbert in st. petersburg. >> the orioles lose the battle tonight but the world will continue friday in arlington, texas. they ran into incredible pitching. if evan longoria had been healthy for those 85 games he missed, the rays probably have won the american league east. crista the mound tonight, hoping
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to get his ninth victory of the year. had they won, but with the post of the what carter on friday. what a show evan put on. 1-0, tampa. he hit 3 homeruns on the evening. the orioles did get 1 run in th 9th. afterwards, you have to wonder if they were down after the defeat. not at all, they say. >> that cannot come close to describing our locker room right now. it is a tough road however you do it. it is a challenge. we feel good about on opportunity we have burnt -- we have earned. >> the orioles will play on that
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one game friday. against the texas rangers in arlington. later, we will hear from some players about tonight. >> thank you. nearly 18,000 people watched game 162 inside tropicana field. >> there was a healthy amount of orioles fans. >> i took a vacation last year planning for this then upgraded my tickets what we started doing this in good. this has been a magical year. >> it means a lot. it is something we will never forget. 14 years as a long time. >> i got chris davis autograph finally.
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followed him all over the place. i am a maryland native but i moved here about 15 years ago. i come to a lot of tampa bay games. i am here just about every orioles game. finally i got autographs night. >> despite the loss, it is all good. fans are still pumped for the post season. >> it is in 15 years since the franchise has been in the playoff picture. kai reed at the live with fans. >> there was disappointment from france but definitely a lot of positive thoughts -- from fans the death of a lot of positive thoughts. -- from fans but definitely a lot of positive thoughts. >> the game was rough early on but fans are ready to be --
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happy to be in the run. >> people are sent i am not crazy about baseball but now they are and they are really into it. i think we really have something here. we are going for it. >> went into training started, i cared about a winning season. women got our 82nd win, i got greedy -- when we got our 82nd win, i got greedy. >> it has been 15 years since orioles fans have a postseason to be excited about. it is about time to make some new memories. >> i was seven last time. i'm 23 now. playingely seen them great like this. it is exciting. >> i was young.
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i did i really understand baseball then. it is kept me up a couple nights progress the rangers in texas on friday. fans are ready for a hard-fought battle. >> they have a lot of power. there will be hard to be in a one game series. >> i have a lot of faith in the orioles. time to buckle up and get that win and back home. stops as of buck's manager, he has taken the team to the playoffs a dentist 2nd full yaer with the team. sure there will be a lot more facts coming up later. >> thank you. the week score-board
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watching. the orioles are the second wild- card team in the the the american league. they will face the texas rangers friday night in arlington. the winner of that came will host the yankees and the american league division series on sunday. orioles fans are in full force. u local as a challenge to collect the loss follows -- the most photos. go to click on u local. >> >> police tell us they are investigating three shootings within the span of 15 minutes. the first happened just before 9:00 ladid the west baltimore. and at the event of predict an unidentified man was shot once. the victim was last to a hospital. temin's later, a man was found shot in the 200 block of north
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fulton have it. no word on his condition. a man was shot in the 4700 block of liberty heights avenue in northwest baltimore. paramedics transported the victim to a nearby hospital. detectives said the incidents did not appear to be related but investigators could not provide details on a suspect a possible motive i did any of the three shootings. >> a showdown between the president and mitt romney. the first time the two faced off this election cycle. it was a heated exchange at times. we have team coverage of commitment 2012. it did a party with -- a debate party with students. but we begin in denver. >> heading into this debate,
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both candidates try to live up to the billing. it started off civil with an embrace by the candidates' wives and an anniversary wish from the president to the first lady. >> i want to wish you a happy anniversary and the you know that a year from now we will not be celebrating it in front of 40 million people. >> the press and trees quickly faded -- the pleasantries quickly faded. >> governor romney's proposal calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of $2 trillion in additional spending for our military. he is saying he is going to pay for it by closing loopholes and deductions. >> i have five boys. i'm used to people sang something that is not always true but keep on repeating it and hoping i will believe it. that is not the case. i will not reduce the taxes paid
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by high-income americans. >> both candidates went all over the time on occasion. let's just above the understand, we are way over our first 50 minutes. >> which focused heavily on domestic issues, the future of medicare and cutting the federal deficit. >> obamacare is on my list. i use that term with all respect. so i will get rid of that. i will stop the subsidy to pbs. pn i like pbs. >> that means you will gut our investments in schools and education. establishes the beginning. there are two more debates to go. >> governor of rally is working as a surrogate for the obama team, talking to reporters after the debate. back here at home, several college campuses have to debate what parties.
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-- watch parties. sheldon joins us live from johns hopkins university. >> we are about a month away from the election. a lot of voters we talked to seem to be passionate about both candidates. you'll remember from the 2008 election that college-aged voters were energized and excited headed into the election. based on the conversation we have had here, the same seems to be happening this year. >> the dining hall, it is never this fall. i think everyone is really excited for the election and the debate progressed more than seven it lasted as piled into the dining hall in the johns hopkins campus to watch governor romney and president obama. >> what is the mood on campus heading into the election? >> it is are more excited than usual about politics. a lot of times, political awareness is not evident right now, people are very excited about obama and ronnie going head-to-head. >> the party was hosted by the
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college democrats in college republicans club. it allows it to see were candidates stand on the issue that mattered to them. >> mitt romney and paul ryan can bring a healthy economy and sustainable budget. obama promised to cut the debt in half. he is not come near that. >> i think he and that really well. defended the fact. the hidden parts for a philip obama has gotten more of a word -- there ahve been parts where obama has gotten more words in. >> there are still two more debates before the election but the first one may have already held undecided voters request i am leaning towards mitt romney. the college democrats because republicans got together for tonight's event to make sure that all students were informed
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after this first debate. they also have diverter -- voter registration drive. >> new information about the death of a man in police custody. >> why your power bill could go up. >> a meningitis outbreak hits very close to home. the new information in tonight's medical alert. >> and warm temperatures are hanging around. so are a few showers. check out the forecast right now. 72 of
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>> we are following new developments to an investigation concerning the man who died after being taken into police custody for drug possession. police release the names of the three suspended officers involved in the death of anthony anderson. detectives. boyd, michael and todd stoman. anderson died of blunt force injury. family argues the results support criminal charges against officer who have the contact. the police union ardors -- argue s he followed standard procedure. an investigation is underway to determine whether they will be charged criminally. >> gov. martin o'malley is
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pushing a proposal that could raise your bge bill. it is expected to increase bills by $1 to $2 dollars a month. the task force commissioned by the governor was charged with utilities after the june derecho storm that left many customers in the dark. the report goes to the public service commission. >> in a medical alert, you can add maryland to the list of states investigating a rare and deadly form of bundle meningitis. the outbreak has sickened at least 26 people in five states received steroid injections. are expecting more cases to surface. state health officials say they have identified two cases in maryland, one that was fatal, that may be linked to the
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ingestion. the form of meningitis is not contagious. they said the drug was distributed to seven facilities in the state. we have a full list of the sites and systems on our website, click on medical alert. >> a hearing at city hall to determine whether restaurants and bars will have to post grades signed by the health department. the measure has the full support of the city council. scott love with the idea after receiving a number of health complaints from constituents. a reason trip to north carolina were grades were clearly visible at restaurants. >> there is no way right now for someone unless the call the health department to find out what the results of the last health inspection at that plays were. that is not acceptable. >> some area restaurant owners opposed the measure, the current
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system is fine the way it is. >> here at 11 insta weather was forecast. >> a warm and muggy mother pattern. still generating showers. more rain coming up from the deep south. making steady progress north. anybody from southern new england to the mid atlantic giving with the least some scattered shower activity. not a lot to measure as far as the rain fall total . even with the clouds and showers, it was much warmer than normal. third day of october. 81 degrees. demeral and 71 degrees. the record -- 92. -- the normal is 71 degrees. the record -- 92. still seen temperatures persisting into late evening.
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even western maryland. quite mild. temperatures ahead of the 60's. it will not cool overnight. light wind. a little bit of fog forming. broad area of the pressure. all this moisture in the region. now it is fading away but the moisture is still here. still generating an occasional shower. possibly even a thunderstorm at the door a few spots this out there the day tomorrow. scheduled to get here saturday afternoon. temperatures dropping behind it. 68. 28 degrees in northern montana. all across the northern rockies, the invasion of cold air will generate the first snowfall of the season. 6 inches or more in parts of north dakota by sometime friday morning. fall is racing in. right now on the warm side of
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this weather pattern. we will stay there tomorrow with scattered showers in the morning. friday, a lot of some around here. another unseasonably warm day. was a temperature goes, temperatures are falling. some are -- senate -- tomorrow, 77. western maryland, and drier weather there. most showers to the coast. highs the the the upper 60's. warm and muggy. an occasional shower. risk of a shower to mark. a sunny, warm day of fighting. above normal temperatures through the work week. highs on sunday and monday added to the 50's. >> and a death the orioles ran into a problem -- no doubt the
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orioles ran into a problem. that next in sports. >> this is power ball. good evening. tonight we have a guaranteed $50 million jackpot. 55, 23, 17, 59, 36. winning power ball number -- 10.
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>> no more for the orioles. we now know who they face to start the post season. the orioles lost to live in tampa. they now need to travel the road of the second wild card in the postseason. first up, texas. bottom of the first. it used to these. evan long korea -- longoria. solo home run. fourth inning. nine robbers. -- another solo shot. giving up all three of those a solo shot. looking like reggie jackson. third homer of the game. this one off jake. 4-1, the final. the orioles have to shake off a disappointment tonight quickly. we are joined now from tropicana
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field. give us a sense of the clubhouse atmosphere. was there a lot of disappointment? >> i would say no. they understood the fact that regardless of what was happening tonight, they would be in the postseason. for solo home runs. did he think they were pressing a little bit? >> the rays are the best pitchers in the al. those guys are actually good. >> we have had our share of obstacles. we are going to texas to try to win one game. >> nobody hanging their heads afterwards in the clubhouse. onto darlington they go. they played seven times during the regular season and lost five of them.
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the rookie has been very good this season. only given up no more than three runs. he is solid. but the orioles did not faze him. we also do not know who they are going to start are fighting. it could be steve johnson. a tough call to make their. joe is more experienced. >> thank you very much. peake gilbert live from tampa. and that a collapse by the texas rangers put the orioles in an interesting postseason position. the rangers lost four of their last five games. his first post is a start in his home park are tonight and a winner take all again. . >> when others in the debates of story -- miguel chimera won the triple crown tonight. in the american
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league. the ravens prepared to take -- [unintelligible] with the attention focused on the running back. is that cranks out these plays like this one. two weeks ago he broke down a 91 yard game. ray lewis knows stopping the chiefs. >> one of those home run hitters. he jumped out of a gap and he is out of the gate. we have played them before. we know what we are up to.
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>> last time the ravens saw that, the 2010 season. the ravens one 30-7. for the orioles, we finally have the answers. friday night in texas. it is a one game playoff series. winner take all of bed. if the orioles beat the rangers, they will come home against the yankees sunday and monday and then a travel day tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday in new york. >> stay with us.
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>> fall comes in in full force or the weekend. 80 tomorrow. sunny day on friday. glowers-- showers on the weekend. 50 saturday night. that will be the high on sunday. some 30's monday and tuesday next week. >> friday at arlington, sunday in kansas city. >> thank you for turning as. [captioning made possible by constellation
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- christina applegate. from "dancing with the stars," apolo anton ohno.
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